We Care About Craftsmanship

We care deeply about our factory staff, and the product created. In the fashion and accessories industry, it's not uncommon to work with factories simply because a cheaper product is needed. Often this results in poor quality outcomes, unfair and unethical workplace practices. We simply do not believe in this approach to producing our leather goods.

That’s why we support third-generation craftsmanship. Every single leather good of ours is made in the safe, caring hands of our wonderful craftspeople partners. Based in the handbag making hub of Spain, just outside of Seville, we feel that this approach of working with a family-run business, who care deeply about what they do, pay their staff fairly and have the highest ethical standards is the way forward for fashion.

Designed by Charlotte

Since the beginning of her journey, Charlotte has been inspired to create handbags and accessories that are timeless; ensuring her designs are something that herself, her mother, and her grandmother could all wear. Moved by ladies handbags in the 50s, when a handbag was an extension of a woman’s personality, she aims to create a handbag that is more of a joyous companion than a simple addition to your wardrobe.

The playful curvature of our handbags and accessories draws inspiration from vintage British cars. Structured yet lightweight, durable yet soft. We aim to create simplistic, elegant and cheerful designs which bring pride and a smile to the wearer.

Carefully Sourced Leather

Sourced in Scotland and Spain, all our leathers are by-products of the meat industry, that would otherwise go to landfill. Leather is a natural material that's been used for millennia, and is an alternative to synthetic materials produced by fossil fuels.

Unlike synthetic materials, properly cared for leather can last for years.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

We take considered steps to make sure our packaging is as sustainable as possible. All our leather goods come with a sustainably sourced, and fully biodegradable cotton dust bag. They will provide roughly twelve years of continuous use. When it has fulfilled its purpose, it can be shredded and placed in a domestic composting bin or taken to an industrial composting facility where it will provide the necessary carbon elements to the compost mixture.

All our additional packaging elements, including the cardboard box, stickers, tissue paper and leaflets are 100% recyclable.