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Reinventing the Bloomsbury

“Our bestselling style, Bloomsbury, has been much-loved since it's launch in March 2016, for its balance of curvature and smooth lines.

Evolving the style for today, I wanted to enhance Bloomsbury into being a truly eternal piece through its beauty in simplicity. In designing with such simple, yet striking and functional design in mind, I feel we have made it a handbag to be treasured by the wearer and future generations, too.

We have changed over our leather from a split hide to a full-grain, which is a far more prestigious and luxurious leather; which benefits from wearing with age, too. We have made alterations to our handle, making a far more durable and streamlined vision. To finish the design, our new 'Charlotte Elizabeth' brass hardware piece is the perfect addition to our new and improved Bloomsbury.

I am so proud of how far we have come from learning about how to create and improve our product to be the best it can be for our customer. I hope that Bloomsbury lovers of the past enjoy our latest version of the model.”

- Charlotte Jones, Founder and Designer of Charlotte Elizabeth

Behind the Meadow

"Meadow appeared one hot summer's morning. I was walking in the fields with our dog, the sun rising high into the sky, when a clear vision of a handbag emerged in my mind. The name would reference those long summer mornings of walking in nature.

It was a beautiful rounded saddle bag, with seamless curves that make it feel like it is its own form, its own personality. It had a more relaxed flare to the design, referenced in its curvature throughout the form of the bag, almost sculptural.

Meadow is created to be the saddle bag that you fall in love with, one that fits into your life naturally and adapts to your daily needs. I hope that it makes you smile each time you view it, as this style certainly has an essence of joy within it."

- Charlotte Jones, Founder and Designer of Charlotte Elizabeth

The Making of Mayflower

“As a designer, often the initial spark of an idea for a design will form organically. This often translates through early sketches, digital designs, but sometimes, I find that going straight into a paper prototype helps me see the bag firstly, to then work backwards.

That’s how Mayflower came to be. I made a series of paper prototypes, all with slightly different curvatures, heights and widths, when at last, one paper prototype seemed to fit perfectly and I just knew that it was ‘it’.

Mayflower is a smaller version of our Bloomsbury, with a playfulness on curvature and smooth lines, making it pleasing to the passer's eye. The structure holds alone, yet is soft enough to use in everyday wear.”

- Charlotte Jones, Founder and Designer of Charlotte Elizabeth

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