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Caring For Your Charlotte Elizabeth

Charlotte Elizabeth products are made to be your everyday companions. If you treat them with the respect and care that they deserve, they will last you many years to come.


To avoid the main body's handle becoming outstretched, try to avoid hanging it when full. Instead, use the cross body strap if included to hang it with goods in, or leave your bag to sit when full. To wipe any everyday markings which may appear on the leather, very gently pat your bag with a damp (not wet), clean and soft cloth and dry immediately with a clean, dry cloth.

As with all natural materials, our leather is perfectly imperfect; just as nature intended. Our leather does occasionally have small markings, considered to be nature's signatures. Our leather naturally patinas with age, making each piece all the more individual.

Due to the nature of our sturdy leather and brassware, at first you may find that releasing or closing the components may be a little stiff. This is normal, and will become easier with each wear. 

Leather is a wonderful material that ages exceptionally well, meaning the more that you use your bag, the more malleable it will become. If you find that you have any minor scuffs or abrasions, these can be lightly buffed out.

Please take care when using your handbags or accessories with any lighter colour clothing or darker coloured denim as there may be transferring of the dye either on your clothing or your bag itself. We cannot accept responsibility for this, if it so occurs.

We would recommend keeping your handbag or accessory out of any direct sunlight if possible as this can sometimes lead to the colour fading, as well keeping it away from extreme hot and cold climates as it could possibly cause the leather to dry out and begin to crack.

If you find you and your handbag or accessory getting caught in the rain, we suggest that you gently blot away any watermarks with a soft, clean cloth and allow your bag to dry naturally.



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