Friends of CE

A collection of inspiring interviews from our wonderful community and incredible businesswomen.


On a warm summer's day in 2021, we met with the wonderful Priya York, a customer of CE who has an incredible drive for life, plus a very infectious smile. Founder of Ramola London jewellery, Priya talks to us about what she's learnt during the pandemic, and what success looks like to her. 

We love speaking with Samantha from Boston in the US. She shares with us her love for her new Chestnut Bloomsbury, her happy place during the autumn, and how the pandemic has proven to her how resilient we can all be.

We just love how much passion and positivity Shantell, from Pennsylvania has for life. We speak with Shantell on her life during lockdown in the US, her love for travel, particularly to England and Ireland, and the importance of having goals & dreams - including some of her daily affirmations.

We speak with Leonie from Holland, one of our gorgeous customers, about her lessons from lockdown, her dreams, adventures and inspirations, and what she loves most about her Pink Bloomsbury.

We continue our 'At Home With' series with lovely customer Suzi from Lower Saxony in Germany, who has kindly submitted some gorgeous photos of her CE collection and travels to her beloved Scotland. She has four children, as well as two horses, two ponies, chickens, dogs...and more!

We adored speaking with Debbie Tan from the sunny island of Singapore. She shares with us how her husband and cat bring her happiness, as well as some much needed, grounding words on what she's learnt from the circuit breaker period experienced in Singapore.