Maggie | #FriendsofCE

Maggie | #FriendsofCE

We caught up with Maggie, a high school counselor aged 32 from Chicago during her recent whirlwind visit to London.

"My favourite memory of my time in London was exploring with my husband and stepping outside our comfort zones. We didn’t have an agenda at all (except for the photo shoot of course!), so everything we did was spontaneous which is unlike us.  The food we tried was outstanding, and all of it was on a whim. Adventure doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just something new and different for you. 

As a visitor to London, my favorite type of day spent there was one that consists of some sightseeing, though not an overwhelming amount, plenty of food, and company that you love to be around. If I have that in a day, whether in London or anywhere, I am a happy girl.

My initial reaction to seeing the Rhubarb Alicia Handbag was “that color!  (cue heart eyes emoji)”. It just absolutely popped!  Since the purse was a surprise, I obviously didn’t coordinate my outfit, but if I can pat myself on the back, I couldn’t have chosen better - the bag stood out so beautifully against my black and white ensemble.  It was absolutely perfect!

It was so fun to do the shoot, but honestly the best part of the day was chatting with and getting to know the CE sisters. Sharing a latte while overlooking London was positively dreamy. It was also comical to me that my husband was along for the ride!

I have undergone multiple surgeries for various medical reasons, and while these are, on the one hand, some of the times I have felt most scared, these are also the times when I have felt most brave. Knowing that whatever I encounter, I will get through it, whether it is the outcome I hoped for or not, I know that I am not given anything in life that I cannot handle. During the pain of recovery, as I work to become strong despite days when I wasn’t sure I could, that is when I felt the most brave. I think that bravery is accepting the unknown and moving forward anyway. I also think that it is sharing your strength with others who have not discovered their own yet.

My dream is to expand our family in one way or another. Right now, it’s just my husband and me and our two vizslas, Jamo and Rye. I am open to having children, adopting children, or adopting another pup, but whatever method, I want to be able to share our love and home and provide a family life like the one I was lucky enough to have growing up. 

What inspires me? Honestly, my pups! I love them so much, they are my children.  When I’m away, I miss them terribly. When I get home, I look forward to the two of those crazy boys jumping all over me and smothering me with kisses. I am a dog mom through and through!

My favourite season is fall, without a doubt. As I write this, I am looking out my back windows toward the gorgeous trees starting to change colors.  I could stare at them all day. Aside from the beautiful colors, there is something so enchanting about the fact that all the pretty leaves must wither and die in order to come back lush and full of life in the spring.

A true friend? That's someone who sticks by you through everything. You can see them every day or not for a few years, but things are always the same between you. You can share your deepest secrets with a true friend without shame, but knowing they will be open and honest with their feedback.  You can be your true self with a true friend, because they love you, not in spite of, but because of your flaws and idiosyncrasies. A true friend is few and far between, and is something to be held onto like a treasure.

I initially found CE through Meghan Markle :) I am a big fan of her style, so I have always followed along.  However, when I saw her with the Bloomsbury, there was something else about it that I couldn’t lay a finger on.  It wasn’t a “big name brand,” and I loved that.  It had an old fashioned kind of elegance to it.  When I did some more research on Charlotte Elizabeth, I fell even more in love when I discovered your story and how the brand came to be.  I have been a fan ever since."