Fi and Gwynne | Mother's Day #FriendsofCE

Fi and Gwynne | Mother's Day #FriendsofCE

Fiona Grayson, 27, Founder of She can. She did, Gwynne Grayson, 61, Classical Homeopath

Both based in Buckinghamshire ten minutes down the road from one another!

It was a pleasure to meet with our beautiful friend Fi, our inspiring friend and founder of women-empowerment network, podcast host and roadshow creater of She Can. She Did. 

We wanted to feature Fi and her mum as part of our Mother's Day #FriendsofCE series. When we first visited their family home, the bond of mum and daughter struck us both and you could really feel the magic of Fi's parents love and support behind her in her dreams.

It was a true pleasure to shoot these beautiful ladies in their home and to spend time with their gorgeous goldens once more, Hector and Humphrey, who make the most fabulous models ever!

I love Fi and Gwynne's interview, how loyal and supportive they are to each other highlights the incredible power in supporting the women around you. There is so much power in our love for each other.

Hi Fi! Tell us your about your story.

F: "Hello, I'm Fi Grayson, I’m the Founder of She can. She did. and my amazing Mama is also self-employed. She worked in the NHS for 28 years spending the last 20 of those as a Senior Macmillan nurse before retraining to be Classic Homeopath which she has spent the past 15 years doing!"

What makes the mother-daughter bond so special?

F: "Mum and I tell each other everything and it’s rare that a day goes by where we haven’t spoken. Ever since I was little, she’s always told me that I could be whatever I wanted to be but always instilled that I’d have to work damn hard to get there. Nothing worth having comes easy and all that jazz! I’m so grateful for that looking back though because I’ve definitely inherited her work ethic. I also really respect how she approached discipline growing up. Mum never told me that I couldn’t do something, she just used to say that she’d be disappointed if I did (which let’s face it, is way scarier!) so no matter what went on in my life, I’d always feel comfortable telling her and approaching her for advice if ever I was scared or unsure. In fact, I remember pretending I was ill so that I could miss a family gathering and sneak out to see a boy I liked when I was 14/15 ish (so out of character for me!) and felt so guilty that I’d lied to her that I sat her down and confessed the following day!

I’m 27 now and we’re as close as ever. She’s come to all 20 Midweek Mingles and is my biggest cheerleader. I love her millions!"

Favourite memories/favourite annual ‘thing’ you do together?

F: "Mum and I are in charge of Christmas dinner prep so on Christmas Eve, I head over to theirs and whilst my sister and Dad get the house ready, Mum and I prep all of the food together and always have such a giggle doing it. I’m in charge of the stuffing each year which I take oh so seriously so usually have my hand shoved up the turkey and freak Mum out by dancing around the kitchen with it! I stopped eating meat in 2020 though so it’ll be some sort of nut concoction this year! Either way, it’s definitely one of my favourite days of the year and something that if I have them, I would love my kids to join in with one day."

What qualities do you admire about one another?

F: "Mum’s commitment to continuously learning new things. She’s 61 and she’s forever reading the latest medical research and challenging her brain each day. She’s also the most caring woman I know. She goes above and beyond to help people and doesn’t flinch in a crisis. She’s the woman you’d want around when things aren’t quite going to plan!"

G: "Fi’s determination, ambition, resilience and passion for what she does. She’s got a huge imagination and dreams big but then works her socks off to make it a reality. I’m really proud of her."

Do you have a favourite CE handbag? If so, which?

Fi: "I am 100% an Alicia girl or Bloomsbury girl in black! I don’t carry much around with me in my bag so the Alicia and Bloomsbury are the perfect bags to run around with in my opinion and wouldn’t look out of place if I were to go from a day of meetings to evening drinks with my bag in tow! Mum loves the Emma in Rhubarb though! She rocks a bright colour does Mama G so her face lit up when she saw that we were modelling the bright ones!"

Tell us all about the shoot day

"Ah, we had such a great time with you both! Despite Hector and Humphrey causing mayhem (they’re my parent’s two Golden Retrievers… another reason why Charlotte and I bonded), we had such a giggle pretending we were models for the afternoon! Mum’s hilarious whenever there’s a camera in front of us. She always talks and says something like “just act natural darling” in the hope that we’ll look windswept and au natural when in reality we end up just looking rubbish because we’re talking so hopefully there’s a half-decent one in there somewhere!" 

How did you find our brand initially? What made you want to support us?

"I came across Charlotte’s story when I was researching the UK’s most inspiring young, female entrepreneurs and just knew I wanted to interview her for She can. She did. when I was looking for panelists for the first She can. She did. - Midweek Mingle in London. The date didn’t work for her but she was so kind and welcoming with her response so as soon as I had the next dates lined up, I invited her to speak and thankfully for us all, she said yes! That was back in August 2018 and we’ve stayed in touch ever since!"

What are your handbag essentials?

My keys and phone for obvious reasons! Nuxe lip balm and hand cream… headphones if I’m heading into London for meetings so that I can unwind on the train and some tampons from DAME so I’m always prepared! Oh, and my wallet! I used to carry a chunky purse around with me but I now just carry a card wallet around to save space!"

I hope you enjoyed reading Fi and Gwynne's story! Thank you again to the Grayson household for letting us spend our Saturday afternoon with you...
With love,
Charlotte. X