Faye | #FriendsofCE

Faye | #FriendsofCE

My name is Faye, I am 31 from Sevenoaks, Kent. I am a Customer Relations Manager by day but an indie-author by night. When I am not creating scary fictional worlds, you’ll find me getting lost in a good book and exploring the Kent countryside with my Jack Russell pup. My dream is to be able to write full time, creating fictional worlds from a cottage by a lake with my pup by my side.

The times I have felt the most brave are the when I thought everything was collapsing around me, but I put on my hooped earrings and carried on.

A couple of years ago, I was poorly and off work with an unexplained illness. I’d had about ten misdiagnosis by this time and one of them turned me to Google to research what it was and how it would affect my future. That search lead me to Charlotte and I read about her incredibly brave and inspirational story. I read how Charlotte set up CE during her own period of ill health from her bedroom following a course through the Prince’s Trust. Quickly I headed to the CE website and instantly fell in love with the Bloomsbury and put one on my birthday list.

I remember seeing a picture of Megan wearing the Bloomsbury in March last year and was super excited for Charlotte and the brand, what a fantastic opportunity for the world to see this beautiful brand. I felt really proud that a brand I really love had been chosen so perfectly. Since then, I’ve pinned after the Bloomsbury in the various colours and continued following the journey. I am fully behind Charlotte’s new campaign, Hear Her Campaign @hearhercampaign, encouraging women to speak about being let down medically because you they are women. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things and hopefully change that this campaign is going to generate.   

My favourite season without a doubt is autumn. I just love it, everything about it. From the warm, cozy fashion, deep rich colours, golden crispy leaves, the earthy smell in the air and dark evenings by the fire. To me, this season is magical, a time when you take stock of all that’s happened that year, rest your tired body and start making plans for the year to come.

London at Christmas time is my favourite type of London day! London has a special kind of buzz in the air in December and is so beautiful. There are sparkles everywhere, from the wonderful Christmas lights in Oxford Street, to the glittering fairy lights illuminating storefronts up and down the City. Wandering around with no plans, a hot drink my hands and thick coat wrapped up tight, I love to stroll around the streets, peering in at all the magnificent window displays and wishing I could buy it all. Everyone is rushing around with an air of excitement, trying to buy the perfect present or heading to meet friends in a nearby bar for their annual end of year celebrations. Oh, and my Christmas in London is not complete without a trip to Fortnum & Mason and tucking into the delicious chocolates on the way home.

My favourite adventures have to be when you pull on a pair of wellies and head out the front door, with no plan of where you’re going but you just walk and walk until you find somewhere new. I love to get lost whenever we go somewhere new, trawling the streets, looking at the architecture and watching people stroll by.  The adventure I’ve always dreamed of having would be a tour around Italy and a couple of weeks in Japan.

What inspires me? Hard work, dedication, facing fears, putting yourself out there and being vulnerable. The people that inspire me the most are the ones who despite everything, focus on their goal and chase their dreams.

For me, a true friend is someone who loves you through the good and the bad, is not afraid to tell you the truth but is careful with your feelings when doing so. They are your cheerleader who only wants the best for you, genuinely there when you need them, but not necessarily in the physical sense. And of course, someone who you can have the most fun with, if that’s sitting in in front of the TV or the nights that turn into morning and you’re still dancing, creating magical memories until your belly hurts from all the laughter.

Initial reaction to seeing the bags, can I have them all? Pretty please? I LOVED them, they’re all so gorgeous. I love how the classic CE look has been adapted into different styles and the pink suede lining is so luxurious. The Emma bag is the perfect commuter bag, I can imagine so many City Girls with this on the train, perfect to hold your laptop without having to drag a separate bag along with you. The new colours are fab, but for me my favourites will always be the black, nude and sand colours, I love a classical look and these were stunning. I loved my photoshoot with the black Alicia, it matched my outfit so well I wished they didn’t notice I was still holding it and ask for it back afterwards…(they did).

Oh my goodness, the shoot day was fabulous. I’ve never taken part in something like this before and was super nervous, but when I met the CE girls, I felt at ease immediately. Sitting in St James Park café on a beautiful Autumn morning, sipping on a coffee, the group of women sat around and drooled with ‘ooohhs’ and ‘ahh’s’ as the ladies showed us the stunning new bags and shared the thoughts that went into the designs. As we were taken off one-by-one for our individual shots, the group started to get to know each other and wow, what a great bunch of inspirational women! I loved getting to know them and hearing their stories.

Taking the photos was so much fun, the CE ladies making me feel relaxed and really involved, shouting compliments and showing me the pictures as they were taking them, so any nerves I once had quickly disappeared. After our fun group shots, we headed back to the café had a delicious lunch, where we discussed all things CE and got to know each other a little bit more. It was so inspiring to find out more about the brand and Charlotte, which made me love CE even more! I left with the biggest smile on my face which took some time to come off. It was one of my favourite and fun days for sure.

I always have a notebook and pen in my handbag as I am constantly scribbling away. Other handbag essentials for me have to be a hairbrush, hair clips, my Chilly Bottle, hand cream, concealer and a mascara.