Emma Tierney #FriendsofCE

Emma Tierney #FriendsofCE

For today's Monday Motivation, I wanted to turn to my friend Emma, who is also one of our long-term customers. I met Emma as we experienced the same illness. Emma's wisdom, loving words of support and encouragement to accept our darkness, so that we can let in the light is what has inspired me hugely in the years we have been friends. 

In a time of such uncertainty, unpredictability and a new territory of unknowns - much like living with chronic illness - I felt it was more important than ever to share Emma's wisdom. Emma is one of the brightest, kindest and most compassionate individuals I am lucky to know.

Emma shows that the darkness, is so often what teaches us the most important aspects of life. The lessons can be profound and lifelong, learning to live in the moment, to accept ourselves, and our lives, just as they are, whilst learning to be more compassionate, kind and open-beings.

I hope you enjoy Emma's interview! 

Charlotte. X

How did you first find/hear about Charlotte Elizabeth?

I first heard about Charlotte Elizabeth through a close friend of mine who said  ‘Em you have to go and check out these beautiful bags and the incredible story behind them…’  I went over to the Charlotte Elizabeth Instagram account and my love for the CE  brand began that day. 

What made Charlotte Elizabeth different to other brands you have come across?

I think the relatability to Charlotte’s personal story and the way that inspired me. I have lived with a long term chronic illness for twenty years now and it has limited my life in so many ways. However, I have found ways to live a fulfilling life despite it and will never stop working towards my dreams and goals, even if it is at a much slower pace than I would like! Charlotte founded CE when she was very unwell herself and her story inspired me so much. Whenever I wear my Bloomsbury it reminds me that so much is possible. 


What Bloomsbury do you have?

I have the First Edition Bloomsbury in Grey and also one of CE’s lovely Scallop Card Holders.  

How do you wear your Bloomsbury? 

I wear my Bloomsbury in all sorts of ways.  I use it on special occasions, such as going for afternoon tea or evening out, but also wear it for walks in the park or popping to the shops. I don’t save my Bloomsbury for best, because I believe life is to be lived and so often our favorite things can end up stuck in the cupboard unused.

 Tell us a little about yourself (you can use this as an opportunity to shout about anything you’re passionate about!)

I love all things health and wellbeing, be it discovering new aromatherapy oils, spending time in meditation, or experimenting with beautiful nourishing recipes in my kitchen.   I think this comes as a result of living with ME/CFS for so many years and having to explore ways to help myself feel better as there is very little that the western medical world can do to treat this debilitating condition. 

I am a qualified Complementary Therapist and worked for many years offering Reflexology, Massage, and Hypnotherapy before getting sick for the second time, which sadly meant having to press pause on my career as a Therapist for a while. 

I currently enjoy writing and have a blog over at www.consciouslyhealthy.co.uk. where I share the realities of my healing journey, along with lots of tips on wellbeing and the various lessons I am learning as I travel this unpredictable path. It’s amazing being able to share some of my own learnings with others who find themselves in a similar position as I know how isolating and confusing the chronic illness experience can be. 

I love Nature and spending time in the fresh air and amongst the trees. Nature is so healing and always helps to lift me up on days when I am feeling a bit under the weather, even if this is just sitting in my little garden for a few minutes. The beach is one of my absolute favorite places to be and I’d love to live near the ocean in a warmer climate one day. There is a special place in Lanzarote that I have been to many times over the years, it feels like my spiritual home and when I spend time there my health always improves so much.  

Above all else, I love spending time with my Partner, my Family, and my Niece and Nephew. We all share so many precious moments together and I am deeply grateful for all they bring to my life.  

What are your little moments of happiness throughout the day?

The simple things bring me so much joy. Lighting a new candle. Choosing my essential oil blends for the day. Sitting with a book, some chocolate, and a pot of  Dandelion Coffee with Oat Milk (my new fave discovery!) Hugging my niece and nephew. Gentle walks in the countryside. Long soaks in the bath. Taking photos of pretty flowers in my garden. The sunshine shining into my living room. 

What’s your happy place?

Sitting on the Volcanic Rocks overlooking the sparkling ocean on my favorite beach in Lanzarote. 

What do you wish to see more of in the world?

Connection, Community and Heart Centred Living. A Slowing Down. In so many ways we have seen beautiful glimmers of some of these things as a result of the Covid19 Pandemic. People coming together more, looking out for each other, and stopping long enough to appreciate the little things in life. I truly hope this year is a catalyst for change. 

What makes you feel fulfilled?

When my words reach someone via my Blog or Social Media account and have a positive effect on their day in some way. I am so blessed to receive so many messages letting me know that reading my work has made a difference to someone’s life. Be it giving them hope, inspiring them with a new idea or helping them to feel less alone. It is a real gift to be able to do something positive as a direct result of the challenging situation I find myself in.  

What inspires you?

Nature. Seeing the seasons change. The letting go and surrender. The cycles and rhythms. The way things come back to life after lying dormant and bare for so long during the long, cold months of Winter. We can learn a lot from Nature. 

What advice would you give to your 20-something self?

Respect your body and listen to its messages. You aren’t invincible.  Slow down and take time to rest. Be kind to yourself. 

Favorite mantra?

I am Safe

I am Loved

All is Well. 

What’s your dream?

To recover from ME/CFS and live a life of freedom, where my body doesn’t restrict me. It’s my dream to be able to work again, to write a book, and to return to my dance classes. I’d also love to have children one day. 

You can follow Emma's wisdom, wellbeing tips and adventures on Instagram: @consciouslyhealthy.emma, www.consciouslyhealthy.co.uk.