Elizabeth | #FriendsofCE

Elizabeth | #FriendsofCE

My name is Elizabeth, I’m 28 years old, I’m from all over -  but grew up mostly in London, and I am a Christian amongst many other things - part engineer and scientist, part designer and creative, and part entrepreneur, writer and foodie.

I found out that Charlotte had ME and got a loan from the Princes’ Trust, so I loved that out of her illness she turned it into something brilliant that blesses so many people. I’m hoping to do the same with something different one day!

To be honest, I couldn’t believe I was there on the shoot day – because I am not a model, nor am I a healthy individual; I suffer with chronic migraine which makes life unpredictable. Charlotte, as a fellow spoonie herself, was super understanding and sent the sweetest no pressure email about the day, that I really was determined to make it for her. I know what it’s like when you’ve envisaged something and you’re looking for volunteers to make that dream a reality, so I wanted to help. Plus, I think Charlotte Elizabeth as a brand really stands out from the rest because it is genuine and a family run business. The day was so fun and just a lovely day out to spend meeting other amazing women. I thought it was a real testament to the CE brand that most of us had, have or knew a close loved one that has a chronic illness, & just loved to be able to support the warm, kind-hearted attitude of what CE & their brand represents. So thank you to CE for being so lovely & having the great idea of making us extra-ordinary 😉 people part of your story. I know for Jess & I in particular it really was a step out of our comfort zone, but great to be able to conquer it together! So lovely to have met Jess too. We are planning to see each other again!

Immediately I fell in love with the Alicia when I saw it on the day. The shape, the size and the gorgeous peachy, shrimpy, desert pink! For the days when you need a laptop or iPad, I’d love a black Emma bag. For all the whole collection – The new shapes and golden CE clasp is simply stunning, and I love how it’s made of such high quality leather that will keep its structure for all the years and use I’ll put into it!

How do I define being brave? Bravery, I think, comes hand in hand with the courage to face adversity, whether that be from physical or mental challenges, no matter how big or small. I think I felt the most brave when I decided to marry my husband. We were young (only 20), and a lot of people (including our parents) thought we were crazy and kept telling us not to marry so young. It just didn’t make sense to us, if we already knew and decided we wanted to spend our lives together, then why would we wait for enough money, or that degree, or that successful milestone? Nothing can guarantee those, or are required to get married by God’s standards, who ordained marriage in the first place. But I was so sure and had complete trust in God that this was his plan for us, that we really had to endure several difficult conversations and stick by each other.

Since I was a little girl, I promised myself to never stop dreaming, so I have so many dreams! They range from just living the simple life with family and friends that I love, to creating or doing something that changes the world or wins a Nobel prize!