Aaminah #FriendsofCE: Aaminah

Aaminah #FriendsofCE: Aaminah
Since the very beginning, my brand's beating heart has been our community. It was you, with every like, share, comment, purchase, kind word, and referral to a friend that has helped my vision, and our dream, come to realise. 

Being in a position of great fortune of now being able to have and be supplying jobs and helping other worthy businesses through our supply chain with such growth, it is always in my awareness that none of this would be possible without you.

Which is why hearing from you, hearing your story, your background, your likes, your passions, is truly one of the greatest gifts as a brand owner. I will never be able to tell you just quite how much it means to myself, my team, my family, when we see a photo sent from a customer of their Charlotte Elizabeth.

It never quite loses its sense of amazingness and will remain rather surreal, I am sure, for the rest of my lifetime. For me, creating Charlotte Elizabeth has always been about 'family', not forgetting our heritage, our values and always being grateful for those who have helped you grow.

As the old proverb goes 'it takes a village to raise a child', could not be more true - especially when you're trying to grow your brand. To have you, our dear community and supporters, supporting and cheering us on, truly means the world and helps our baby, continue to grow.

It is without you that all of this would be impossible. Thank you.

Today I am sharing a delightfully beautiful interview with our dear customer, Aaminah, who has also become a friend of mine over the years we have spoken back and forth.

I hope you enjoy it,

Charlotte. X


How did you first find/hear about Charlotte Elizabeth?

Through Hannah Maggs. Her winter haul had 'The Chestnut Bloomsbury' and I instantly fell in LOVE. I went over to the Instagram and it was new at that point November 2016. I read through the posts and did occasionally look through. I loved the bag, but I had never bought a bag more that £25 so to buy a bag over £100 was a little out of reach. I was newly working and decided to save up.

What made Charlotte Elizabeth different to other brands you have invested in?

Carrying on from the above question I then read Charlotte's story and I was not too well at the time and seeing Charlotte’s recovery and interacting and chatting to her made me feel like I want this bag. She deserves my support and the new designs were released and I went for it in Feb 2018. I invested in it because its unique timeless and I feel connected to the owner I know the process of its creation. If I bough my first high end bag it had to be a British small business I loved and that Is what CE is to me.

What Bloomsbury do you have?

'The Chestnut Bloomsbury'.

Why did you get The Bloomsbury? Was it a gift, a present to yourself or a marker of a milestone?

My first ever high end bag as a treat to myself and I saved up because I love it!

How do you wear your Bloomsbury? 

I love it top handle without the strap on dinner dates and dressed up. Cross body dressed down on adventures exploring.

What do you put inside your Bloomsbury? 

Phone key card wallet lipstick sunglasses headphones and a pen.

What’s your best adventure with your Bloomsbury?

To Morroco this summer in Marrakesh and Agadir.

Where are you from?

Leicester UK.

What is your occupation?

Newly Qualified Humanities Secondary teacher.

What are your little moments of happiness throughout the day?

Cup of tea in the afternoons staring out into the garden with a biscuit or 3!

What’s your happy place?

Sitting at the dinner table eating and laughing with my family.

When did you last feel brave? How do you define bravery?

I have had a few challenging times I have needed to be brave and done a lot of things that require confidence but something that stands out to me is after my granddad sadly passed away my nana moved in with us for 8 years and doing CPR in her last moments whilst everyone around was panicking and breaking down I had to be brave and strong do the CPR and talk to the nurses on the phone. 

Bravery to me is pushing yourself out of comfort zones or becoming selfless to step in and help others. Accomplishing something you didn’t think you could ever do and feeling of satisfaction and euphoria after.

What do you wish to see more of in the world?

Kindness and Caring. An urge to do more to help people to help animals and help the climate. See the world move to a better direction.

What makes you feel fulfilled?

Teaching and Inspiring.

What inspires you?

When I see changemakers work hard and graft to make this world a better place. Those who strive and constantly put in effort to do better.

Favorite adventure you’ve ever had?

Exploring the streets of Istanbul/Marakesch/Mumbai and soaking up the Turkish/Morrocan/Indian culture. 

What do we need to show more of in the world?

A variety and diversity in every aspect of life, food body clothes language etc. Show the richness of humanity with its beautiful differences.

How can we improve social media?

As individuals use social media for its for building and supporting communities. Show and share your real life and see what others get upto. Stop tearing and criticizing others and Social media will be a better place to be.

As a CE friend I love the social media pages. Personally, I would love to see more BTS see and get to know individuals who part of the team. And show the process of how the company works etc. I enjoy the tags of inspiration and I enjoy the photography.

What do you wish you’d known when you were young?

I wish I accepted earlier on that its okay to be YOU, you don’t have to have the same opinions likes and dislikes to fit in. 

Favourite mantra?

Take each day as it comes and just live in the moment. What’s meant to be will always be. If something is for you it will never miss you and if somethings never going to be yours, you won’t ever catch it.

What’s your dream?

My dream is to be the best teacher and human I can be. Be a source of inspiration and invoke change in the next generation. I am really that ‘teacher’.