Georgina Trestler | Illustrator and Artist | Inspiring Interviews

Georgina Trestler | Illustrator and Artist | Inspiring Interviews

Introducing our latest #FriendsofCE interview, the very lovely Georgina Trestler, who is a talented illustrator and mum of two from London. I spoke with Georgina during the coronavirus lockdown. 

From baking scones with her son, to morning bike rides and gratitude for the smallest things, it has been so lovely to hear Georgina's take on the current situation.

Something which also strikes me is how this period is enhancing the creativity and pureness of art, without pressure or a hurry, which is a welcome gift in the darkness. 

I hope you enjoy! Charlotte. X 

How did you first find/hear about Charlotte Elizabeth? 

 I first came across the brand when Megan Markle wore it and I remember thinking it will be big.

What made Charlotte Elizabeth different to other brands you have invested in?  

Actually similar in that I only buy more expensive pieces rarely and from independently owned smaller brands such as Charlotte Elizabeth, Camilla Elphik and Hill and Friends.  

What Bloomsbury do you have? 

The pink one!

Tell us how you got into the field you’re in? 

My mother is a self-taught artist/ creative and also my mother and sister bought used to model.  I would paint them both from quite a young age. 

When did you realise that your hobby could become a paid career?

I don’t consider being an artist a ‘hobby’ it’s a lifestyle.  I Mainly started getting paid commissions after I completed my MA in Design from Central Saint Martins. 

What is one of your favourite pieces you’ve created?

The figurative abstract triptychs I am currently working on. 

What is your favourite kind of work to create? 

I like painting beautiful faces and I also like taking photographs. 

What are your little moments of happiness throughout the day?

My kids, my husband, painting, baking, gardening.  Anything where I don’t have to rush (I’m always rushing) and I can achieve ‘my flow’.  

What’s your happy place?

Doing the above, it’s more about being able to do what I love and be with who I love rather than a location. 

When did you last feel brave? How do you define bravery?

Facing lockdown with kindness to myself. 

What do you wish to see more of in the world?

More kindness towards the environment.  

What makes you feel fulfilled?

Making the time to do what I want to do whilst doing it with compassion towards others and the world (this doesn’t always align).

What inspires you?

I read a lot.  I Just finished Circe by Madeline Miller, I think Greek Mythology is going to inspire this next phase of my work. 

Favourite adventure you’ve ever had?

It’s funny before kids I would have said camping in the Sumatran Jungle with my husband, or Safari in Africa with my family. However,r since having kids; a successful, joyful (eg where no one has a tantrum) trip to the local Sainsbury can feel like a real sense of achievement and a completed adventure.  I love the way kids have the potential to find adventure doing anything. 

What do we need to show more of in the world?


How can we improve social media?

In many ways – the most important thing is not to live your life through a screen.  I have to say though Instagram and whatsapp has been a godsend during Lockdown as a way of staying connected to my best friends and family who I miss.

What do you wish you’d known when you were young?

I wouldn't have been ‘me’ if I already knew what I now know.  

Favourite mantra?

This is a bit random but currently, I keep thinking of a line from a song.  ‘Sit down you're rocking the boat’.

What’s your dream?

Turn up every day and be present in the life I have.  

Thanks Georgina! You can follow her adventures over on Instagram: @georgina_illustrates.